Coronavirus safety in our Company 

Dear Valued Client

Dear Valued Client,


Due to the current outbreak of the Coronavirus, we have implemented temporary measures to limit exposure for all.


With immediate effect, all non-essential maintenance and repairs will be placed on hold.


In the event of an emergency, Our workers will be inducted, sanitised and will complete repairs with the minimum amount of staff.


We wish to encourage our client and Our staff members to:

· Wash hands with soap and water upon entering the site, and to wash hands regularly during the day.

· Cough and sneeze into your elbow

· Refrain from touching others, and maintain a distance of 2m form co-workers as much as possible

· Refrain from coming to work if you have flu-like symptoms. It is in everyone’s interest to take vigorous measures to contain the spread of this virus, so that our offices and business remain operational for as long as possible.


All our staff Members will sanitized before entering a site and  will wear Masks and cloves to prevent any contractions or spreading of the virus


Yours sincerely,